Manufacturers Warranty

ARK Services WA chooses to use Quality Fujitsu Airconditioning Systems, and Advantage Air Duct, Componentry & Control Systems, such as “Zone 10”, “eZone” & “MyAir”. Quality Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Air conditioners are covered by a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Advantage Air provides a 10 Year Warranty on all Ducting & Mechanical Components & a 5 Year Warranty on all Electronic Controls.

ARK Warranty

ARK provides a 12 Month Labour / Installation Warranty. For more information on ARK’s warranty contact us or alternatively view the conditions below.


Fully Licenced

  • RHS: L019440
  • RTA: AU38314
  • EWL: EW147726

  • ECL: EC011998
  • CEC: A7031653
  • CR: T41587
  • RPP: RP335