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Airconditioning is a major investment, and like your Car it is an Asset that requires regular maintenance to
achieve its optimum performance and increase its longevity. 

We recommend that you get your Airconditioning System regularly serviced. 
Different Systems with different applications & usage require varied levels of servicing i.e. a Commercial System
would require more servicing than that of a Domestic System.



ARK provides a warranty for labour and installation. This is complimented by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Servicing Recommendations

Learn about our general recommendations for servicing. These include heavy usage and light usage systems. Look after your product better with our hints and tips.



Need some information? Have a look at our ARK manuals or supplier product manuals.


Fully Licenced

  • RHS: L019440
  • RTA: AU38314
  • EWL: EW147726

  • ECL: EC011998
  • CEC: A7031653
  • CR: T41587
  • RPP: RP335