Solar Systems

If you want to save on rising power costs, and switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, why not invest in a Solar System.

ARK is Clean Energy Council Accredited – we are able to custom design, Supply & Install a Solar System specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Finding the right solar system can be confusing with such a diverse range of brands / options available out there, and subsequently the abundance of information you can be presented with.

ARK endeavours to take the Stress out of the process for you, and deliver informed / qualified advice. We will personally visit your property to inspect and obtain all the relevant information we require to quote you on an efficient system.

Benefits of going solar


An obvious benefit of solar power or “Energy Free from the Sun”, is the reduction, or possibly even elimination, of electricity bills! Given current prices, most households can expect to recover the cost of a standard solar panel installation in @ 4 years.

The actual time to a “Return” on your Investment in Solar, will really depend on the efficiency of your home, the system size and your usage. Regardless of this, by installing a residential solar system, you are guaranteed a reduction in your ongoing power bills.

A Solar System also acts as somewhat of a buffer from price increases by electricity suppliers. Should electricity prices become less affordable, you are far better prepared to absorb this.

Solar power gives you more freedom to live the way you want! It reduces the worry regarding your electricity usage, and improves your standard of living. You can run all of your appliances / electronic devices – such as Airconditioning, TV’s, Computers, Washing Machines / Dryers, Fridges / Freezers, Dishwashers etc. – without stressing about the impending power bill.

The impact your daily living habits impress upon the environment is referred to as your “environmental footprint”. For the sake of future generations, it’s important to keep our footprint as small as possible. Solar Power is a simple step you can take towards supporting our environment.

A Solar system is a value adding asset to your home. A property offering “Affordable” Electricity is an attractive selling point for potential home buyers, so consider your initial outlay on a Solar System as an Investment.

The size of your Solar System will depend on:

  • The physical unshaded area available for installation of your panels,
  • What portion of your electrical consumption you wish to generate
  • Your budget

To work out what size solar PV system you require, we will need to take a look at your electricity consumption – we can get this information from your Electricity Bill.  Your electricity bill measures your household’s electricity consumption in kilowatt hours. From this, we can determine your average daily electricity consumption, and the average amount of electricity your solar system needs to produce to cover your electricity needs.

Solar panels produce most power when they are pointed directly at the sun, so ideally they should face north for optimal electricity production. The orientation of the panels will largely have a greater effect on annual energy production than the angle they are tilted at.

It is recommended that panels have a Minimum tilt of 10° – for “self-cleaning’ by the Rain.  Area’s that are extremely Dusty / Dirty with less rainfall to wash panels could experience a loss of output up to @ 15%.

The amount of energy in sunlight that a solar panel receives over a day is conveyed in “peak sun hours”. As the amount of energy generated by a panel is directly proportional to the amount of energy it receives from sunlight, it is important to install panels so they receive maximum sunlight.

We will calculate the amount of energy generated by the solar panel from the peak sun hours available. Peak sun hours vary throughout the seasons / year.

When your solar system is installed, you will generally require a new meter be installed by Western Power.  If you currently have a traditional Accumulation (spinning disk) meter, this will need to be replaced with an interval meter or smart meter. Accumulation meters do not record the energy you export to the grid or the electricity you import from the grid. An interval meter / smart meter provides readings of the electricity you consume and the surplus electricity you generate.

If you want more information, or a quote on your Solar options, please contact ARK and arrange for a Site inspection.  Please ensure your have your Electricity Bill handy .

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