Standard Service Call Out

Inspect exactly what repairs may be required


inc GST


Simple Repair

If the technician attends and finds a “Simple Repair” i.e. something has come loose & needs to be tightened etc, or a Parts Adjustment is required, he will proceed with the Repair on attendance – Fee remains $132 inc GST.

Detailed Repair

If the technician attends and finds a “Detailed Repair” is required i.e. Parts Replacement, Leak Repairs & Gas etc – Repairs: Parts & Labour will be Quoted. If this Quote is accepted, the necessary Parts will be ordered, and a return to complete the Repairs will be scheduled.The Fee for the Initial Callout and Diagnosis is the Standard Callout Fee of $132 inc GST. If the Repair Quote is accepted, this Initial Call Out Fee can be added onto the Total Bill, and paid in total once Repair is complete.

General Servicing

Reverse Cycle Ducted or Split Systems


inc GST


Checking all Remote Control Settings

Cleaning Filters

Cleaning Outdoor Condensers

Checking Refrigerant Levels / Pressures, (Leak

Testing / Repairs & Refrigerant NOT included).

Overall operational Check

System Repairs NOT Included – if required, these will be Quoted.

Service Call Out & Insurance Write Up

Insurance Claims


inc GST


If System failure or damage (Either Repair or Replacement) is claimable under insurance.

The Invoice for this Call Out Fee will include all the necessary details required by your insurer for claim purposes, and will be submitted by ARK (either directly to the Insurer, or to the Client to forward to their Insurer), along with the Repair / Replacement Quotes for their Assessment.

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Fully Licenced

  • RHS: L019440
  • RTA: AU38314
  • EWL: EW147726

  • ECL: EC011998
  • CEC: A7031653
  • CR: T41587
  • RPP: RP335