Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative air cooling cools your home using the same natural cooling principle you experience in a forest or by the sea.

Fresh outside air is drawn through water-saturated filter panels which cool the air through evaporation, just as a sea breeze provides cool relief on a hot day. This method has the added benefit of also filtering out air-borne dust and pollen ensuring cool, fresh and filtered air throughout the home and business space.

Evaporative air conditioning provides a continuous flow of cool air through your home, stale air is forced out which means air is never re-circulated. It is always fresh … naturally!

AIRGROUP: Manufacturer of CoolBreeze & Ezy Cool Evaporative Systems

Established in 1991, AirGroup Australia is a privately owned and operated Australian company.
Due to their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and customer service, AirGroup Australia is highly regarded as a market leader in the Australian manufacturing, distribution and export of advanced-technology air conditioners, heating appliances and associated componentry.

Ark Sercices WA - Split System Air Conditioning
Ark Sercices WA - Split System Air Conditioning

CoolBreeze Evaporative Systems


Evaporative cooling is the most economical, healthy and environmentally friendly way to cool residential and commercial spaces.
CoolBreeze air coolers are used in a wide range of applications ranging from residential housing through large commercial and industrial installations.
It offers a quick and economical option to cool a space without excessive initial investment or running costs.

AirGroup has been focused on and dedicated to the manufacture of CoolBreeze air cooling units for more than 25 years.
This product is locally manufactured in Western Australia under a philosophy that combines quality, style, and technical features into one product.
Five modern colour-options in six different sizes and two different designs ensure it will blend in neatly with any roof.

For more information please download the CoolBreeze brochures below. 

Ark Sercices WA - Split System Air Conditioning

Ezy Cool Evaporative Systems


Ezycool Systems are also manufactured by Airgroup Australia.
The smart design and innovative technology inside Ezycool air-conditioners have been designed and engineered to combat the extreme Australian weather conditions using natural cooling.

Ezycool is affordable and low maintenance, providing the best choice when it comes to clean, fresh, healthy air conditioning for your home and workspace.

For more information please download the EzyCool brochures below. 

Downloadable Brochures

ARK Services WA are able to supply CoolBreeze and EzyCool Evaporative Air Conditioners.

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Fully Licenced

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  • RTA: AU38314
  • EWL: EW147726

  • ECL: EC011998
  • CEC: A7031653
  • CR: T41587
  • RPP: RP335