Commercial Refrigeration


ARK are your local Commercial Refrigeration Specialists!

We service various local Restaurants, Hotels, and Clubs – and are essentially able to help any local business with their Commercial Refrigeration needs.

    ARK is able to offer the following Refrigeration Services:

    • Supplying New Plant / Equipment
    • Upgrading Existing Plant / Equipment
    • Retro-fitting newer, more environmentally friendly / efficient Refrigerant Systems
    • Repairs / Service / Maintenance for all / any Refrigeration Plant / Equipment

    If you have a Commercial Refrigeration System, and depend on its smooth running for your daily operations, it’s important to undertake regular maintenance. 

    We are able to Service & Repair a vast range of Refrigeration Systems, such as:

    • Cool Rooms / Freezer Rooms
    • Counter-top Coolers
    • Chiller Cabinets
    • Display Fridges / Freezers
    • Chest Freezers
    • Glass-top Freezers
    • Ice-cream Freezers
    • Mobile Cool Rooms
    • Under-bench Fridge / Freezers
    • Ice Machines
    • Bar Super-chillers

    ARK can help you get the most out of your system, with regular maintenance checks, and deliver informed advice on the best maintenance plans for each specific system.

    Regular maintenance of your Refrigerated System will:

    • Aid in its overall performance,
    • Help extend the service life of your system,
    • Save you money by avoiding costly repairs caused by lack of, or, inadequate maintenance over time.
    • Reduce excessive running costs / high electricity consumption, often caused by: Dirty Condenser Coils, Blocked Condensate Drains, Poor Door Seals, Irregular Thermostat Settings, Inefficient Refrigeration Levels, Defrost Timer Settings

    Call ARK for your Commercial Refrigeration needs!


    Fully Licenced

    • RHS: L019440
    • RTA: AU38314
    • EWL: EW147726

    • ECL: EC011998
    • CEC: A7031653
    • CR: T41587
    • RPP: RP335